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Interview with Poetzee

Posted on August 12, 2013 at 8:15 AM

Poetical Tv talks Exclusively to Poetzee.

Poetical Tv: Could you tell us a little bit about your background and when did you begin writing poetry?

Poetzee: I started writing from an early age, I viewed it like an escape, a way of talking without talking. I was really shy and found that I could let my imagination run wild on paper. I still have my little book of poems and short stories from back then.

Poetical Tv: And who would you say have been your biggest influences as a poet so far?

Poetzee: My biggest influences are my fears and anxieties, also the world around us. I suppose what I mean is that when I find it difficult to express myself to others, I write. The harsh, unfair world we live in also inspires me. I hope in a short poem I can open up a dialog for others to listen to, to question or to start appreciating what some of us have.

Poetical Tv: So, how would you describe the sort of impact writing poetry has had on your life?

Poetzee: Poetry gives me artistic space away from the 9-5 machine we call life, it allows me to be completely honest and open about personal topics I feel strongly about. I like to think of poetry as an open book, which I can just keep adding to.

Poetical Tv: And what would you say is the best thing about being a poet?

Poetzee: I love getting comments and new followers, the fact that someone has taken the time to read my work and comment is extremely flattering. Poetry can sometimes get a bad rap, it can be seen as pretentious, but so many people who I have connected with are doing their thing and being creative and progressive. Poetry is a great way to communicate in a passionate and sincere way. Life is poetic!

Poetical TvWhat sort of style best describes the poetry you write?

Poetzee: That’s a difficult question, I would hope others feel my poetry is sincere and direct, I would call it passive, aggressive. (which one is less impressive?)

Poetical Tv: They both provide an interesting description of your poetry. So how has your writing developed since you've began writing poetry?

Poetzee: I normally write poetry to a beat, song or arrangement. I normally select my sound then write to the beat. I then edit visuals to go with my poem. I love this whole process, it allows me to be creative in difference areas.

Poetical Tv: And in what other way would you like to develop on a creative level?

Poetzee: I just want to keep writing and building with other like-minded people. I’m affiliated with 623 Entertainment after an MC from Brooklyn, Traum Diggs approached me and asked me to be a part of his project. I’ve also finished my first mixtape called Mother Earth which will be available for download soon.

Poetical Tv: So what are your dreams and aspirations as a poet?

Poetzee: I hope my poetry inspires the people who read it, that it might make people question their insecurities or the motives of others. For me my poetry is a creative outlet that I love, so my dream is to continue and to grow in confidence.

Poetical Tv: Onwards & upwards: Lastly how can people connect with you online?

Poet Zee: People can check my video poems at: https://www.youtube.com/user/623ENT?feature=watch

Connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/poetzee1

Or check for updates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/poet.zee.1

Also please look out for the mixtape that will be coming soon.



Poetical Tv: Thank you very much Poetzee.




(*Interview by @ThePoetSinclair Exclusively for PoeticalTv*)

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