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Interview with Kierston Rusden

Posted on January 27, 2014 at 10:55 AM

Exclusive Interview with writer & poet  Kierston Rusden

Poetical Tv: What sparked your creative interest in becoming a writer?



Kierston: I was 12 when I first had a story published. It was about a witch adopting a princess and was very fairytale-like, lacking much though. It was placed in an anthology for young American writers and after that, I never stopped. I had been writing as a child a lot, too. My father pinned me as a liar, but my mother and I agree I was a storyteller. Writing brought me good feelings, a release. It reminded me that I belonged somewhere and had something to say (which was something I battled with often as sibling to 7). I was also a dancer, but I never felt good enough at that. Where dancing (Irish dancing) had concrete rules, competition and limitations, writing could be whatever I wanted. There were no judges, no adornments ––just raw words on paper. Magic happened when I wrote. It does every time.



Poetical Tv: How do you think being a writer has changed the course of your life?



Kierston: Writing, for me, is a method of healing, or a form of therapy. Writing has brought me over and beyond hurtles that I thought would be impossible to overcome. Though it's a lonely business in itself, you're never actually alone when you're writing, because you're never actually alone when you're with you. Writing, too, has made me step outside of my self and my situations to change my point of view, see new perspectives, gain emotional maturity, and understand the different dimensions of who I am. And once I began to learn and love myself, that's when I found happiness. Writing did all of that. So, writing brought me the happiness I covet now, too.



Poetical Tv: What sort of subject matters, encourage you to write the most?



Kierston: Life experiences, humans, emotions, the Self, and love encourage my writing the most. Aside from my poetry, I write essays and children's books often, too, and I find that these topics are universally engaging. I would like to (maybe in the upcoming year) release more political pieces as they come that focus on the communication of health and injustice.




Poetical Tv: And as a poet, what is it about poetry that you most find creatively stimulating?



Kierston: In my prose and in my essay writing in high school and college, I was always told that I had a lyrical component to my writing voice that other students lacked. Having been a nanny since pre-teen years, I had always been reading children's books and poetry. Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Maurice Sendak among hundreds of others ––their writing styles rightfully, thankfully forged into my own. The simplicity of a child's language, the rhyme and meter, etc. are very influential in my poetry. What I find the most stimulating as a poet, however, is having the ability to play with words. To fall in love with and play with words every day.




Poetical Tv: How do you think you have developed as a writer since you began writing?



Kierston: Since reading Pat Schneider’s How The Light Gets In, writing has become a spiritual practice. I feel less inclined to edit myself while I'm writing, and to purge the emotions and truths within me instead. When I began writing as a kid I felt this constant need to write to publish, but now I write more to read. I think Toni Morrison said, “I wrote my first novel because I wanted to read it.” I write everything I do write to then read it to myself. Writing brings me immense clarity. It is elating to see what I create, too, whether it was written in bed or at my desk or on a bus or to someone I love or once loved. Even the drunk haikus I scribble on napkins ––they're transfixing. I'm fascinated by my mind.




Poetical Tv: Where is the place you most feel comfortable to write and why?



Kierston: By the water. Always by the water. As a child I would sneak off to the creek by my childhood home to write. As a teenager, I would hop on trains with my best friend and runaway to the Jersey shores, or walk to the Delaware River after classes were let out. I lived two months in London the summer of 2012 and I spent most of my time sitting and writing at Regent's Canal around Camden Town. I also feel the most comfortable writing while in movement. I feel a lot of inspiration flood out of me while riding buses and trains and in travel, which I do as often as I can.




Poetical Tv: If you could write anything which, could go onto inspire a million people, what do you think you would write about?



Kierston: Well actually, the first poem I'll release. It is in post-production right now and should be ready by the 1st of February. And yes, that ––I hope it inspires millions.




Poetical Tv: So what lasting message do you want to leave with the world through your writing and in general, what are your ambitions as a writer/person?



Kierston: I want everyone to know that everyone is a writer. Everyone has a voice and a story and a life to share. And when I use the word 'writer', I mean creator, artist, musician, etc. You have great art inside of you, and you are never alone. My ambitions as a writer? Well, I'm working now to obtain a literary agent for my children's writing. I want to continue to work my way into the world of spoken word. I'd like to complete and publish Nonfiction essays that I began during my travels last year, too. I also have plans to conduct writing workshops in the upcoming months and hope to continue that as a career one day. My ambitions as a person are to continue to emit and receive the love and happiness that I am grateful to have found.





Poetical Tv: And lastly how can people read some of your stuff and find out more about you?



Kierston: My blog, www.kierstonwrites.com, is a collection of my practice writing, prompts, and poems and prose from writers that continually inspire me. You can also engage with me and follow my course of consciousness on Twitter at @kierstonmarie_


Poetical Tv: Thank you Kierston.




(*Interview by @ThePoetSinclair Exclusively for PoeticalTv*)

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