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Posted on May 31, 2016 at 2:35 PM


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In order to attract the right customers to your business, you need to build on the know, like and trust factor. This requires you to build your brand authority and become an expert within your field. I want to share 10 ways you can step up and start to build your brand authority today. What do you want people to say about you when you’re not in the room?

Identify what you want to be known for. We can’t know everything. Pick a maximum of three topics you love, have knowledge on and showcase your expertise. Focus on your brilliance (strengths, gifts and talents). Whatever topics you decide on, need to tie in with your brand and what you’re about. If your message says one thing, and your topics say another, you’ll find it difficult to attract the right customers to your business.

Here are three questions to help you with this process:

What can you educate and teach others about?

How do you want to be of service?

If you could share a message to a large group of people. What would your message be?

Create content on a regular basis. The content you create allows you to showcase you know what you’re talking about and builds trust. This could be through blogs (personal and guest ones), videos, a podcast, e-books, training audios… and the list goes on! Your content and what you put out into the world, needs to reflect what you base your authority on. What ever you start, be consistent. Once you set a level of expectation, deliver and follow through.

Get Personal. Create a Meetup group where you host monthly events, a Facebook group filled with your ideal customers. It presents a fantastic opportunity to generate leads through building relationships and giving value, value and more value. Think back to the know, like and trust factor.

Be visible. You are your brand and need to get out there and show your target audience what you have to offer and what it would be like to work with you. Network on a regular basis and speak at events that are relevant to the space you’re in and where your customers hangout. Deliver workshops or host webinars on specific topics to give value and grow your list and audience. Through these options, you can also present an offer at the end for people to work with you.

Be present. Engage with your audience through social media and comment on posts. Find articles that are relevant to your business and create conversations around them. Find three Facebook groups you can contribute to and provide value to members. People will start to get to know your name, remember your face and will probably check out what you are all about.

“…Ensure your message and branding is consistent across all the platforms you are on. Be recognisable where ever you go and give consistent value”

Be authentic. Don’t compare yourself to others or watch what other people are doing. Be who you were designed to be. Run your brand on your own terms and no one else’s. Let your personality shine through. This is so important, because if you try to be something or someone your not, people will pick up on it and it won’t feel great. Don’t be afraid to share the things that represent you and what you believe in.

Develop partnerships. Find other entrepreneurs or companies you can build a partnership with. This is a relationship where there are benefits to both parties, monetary or otherwise. For example, one where they tap into your audience and you tap into theirs. Or one where you refer customers to each other.

The power of Facebook. If this is where your target audience hangout, set a monthly ads budget to reach a new audience and showcase what you do. You don’t always have to be selling something. It’s a great way to expand your audience, build your list, attract people to find out more about you, generate page likes, new leads and so much more!

Your online social presence You don’t have to be everywhere, pick the social media platforms where your target audience actually hang out. Ensure your message and branding is consistent across all the platforms you are on. Be recognisable where ever you go and give consistent value.

Get others speaking about you Finally, if the only person telling the world how great you are.. is you, you’ve got it wrong. You want people talking about you and singing your praises. Make an effort to get testimonials and case studies based on the transformation and results you or your product delivers on. When you speak at events, host webinars and deliver workshops etc. encourage people to share the things they learnt on social media. Screenshot posts or embed tweets on your website and share on other platforms. This is part of your social proof and essential to building your brand authority.

Like a challenge? Take one or two of the above to implement and be consistent with for a 30 day period. Reflect and assess at the end of the 30 days, the difference it made to your business. For example an increase in likes, followers, shares comments, leads, actual clients.

– Danielle Mcdonald

Danielle McDonald is The Clarity Architect. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs get super clear about their brand so they know what to focus on and when to achieve their desired goals.

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