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  • Dean Atta - How to be a Poet - Muddy Fee...
    by Poetical Tv on March 24, 2017 at 4:04 PM
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    Award winning spoken word artist Dean Atta has a few helpful tips in this charming poem about... well being a poet! Filmed live once again at the incredible Chill Pill.


    Dean Atta




    Chill Pill




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  • BoxedIN / Tolu Agbelusi - Before I Woke ...
    by Poetical Tv on March 24, 2017 at 10:43 AM
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    BoxedIN February 2017 Tolu Agbelusi - Before I Woke Up In A Sweat https://twitter.com/ToluAgbelusi BoxedIN delivers a night of entertainment and inspiration through words and sound. 2hrs, start to finish, it takes pride at being the snappiest Open mic night in London. Event filmed and edited by Black Supahero Media. STAY CONNECTED; BoxedIN; https://www.facebook.com/weareboxedin/ http://www.twitter.com/weareboxedin Black Supahero Media; https://www.youtube.com/blaspheme1 https://www.facebook.com/BlaSpheMeTV/ https://twitter.com/BlaSpheMeTV https://www.BlaSpheMe.tv

  • Rudy Francisco - "Adrenaline Rush" @WANP...
    by Poetical Tv on March 24, 2017 at 10:35 AM
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    Subscribe for more great poetry videos: http://bit.ly/WANPoetrySubscribe Social Media with us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wanpoetry Instagram: https://instagram.com/wanpoetry/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WANPoetry Tumblr: https://wanpoetry.tumblr.com Website: https://www.wanpoetry.com Rudy Francisco performing "Adrenaline Rush" at Write About Now Poetry. Check out Rudy on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RudyFrancisco Write About Now: WANPOETRY is a community-oriented collective of poets that meet at AvantGarden in Houston, Texas every Wednesday at 7:30 PM with the purpose of providing a multimedia platform for poets to share their work.

  • Duality - Shareefa Energy
    by Poetical Tv on March 24, 2017 at 10:29 AM
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    Poem and Vocal Written and Performed by Shareefa Energy 'Duality' a visual project exploring the multidimensional 'yin' and 'yang' layers within a being. This project has been released on International Women's Day to celebrate the power within a woman who embraces her whole being, a journey of self love. Download on Bandcamp https://shareefaenergy.bandcamp.com/track/duality www.shareefaenergy.com Twitter & Instagram: @ShareefaEnergy https://www.facebook.com/shareefaenergy/ For bookings or enquiries, email [email protected] Filmed by www.light-inc.org Light Painting Photography by AwakenOptix Photography @awakenoptix

  • Don't Touch My Body | Spoken Word Poetry...
    by Poetical Tv on March 15, 2017 at 7:04 AM
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    Need to talk about depression? Chat with a licensed, professional therapist online. Free 7 day trial: http://betterhelp.go2cloud.org/SH31



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    How many times have you felt uncomfortable by inappropriate jokes, sexually harassed, groped in the streets,

    Made to feel like a sex object, belittled, shamed, removed of all dignity.

    Unfortunately for many, this is everyday reality,

    This sort of behaviour happens all too often, and we’re all aware of it happening

    yet choose to ignore it blindly,

    What does that say about our society?

    How many times have you told yourself ‘it’s fine’, ’nothing’s going to change’, “I’m used to it”.

    and what kind of effect does that kind of attitude have on our future kids.

    I know it’s hard but it’s so important for us to speak out and admit,

    that there is something really wrong here and that sexual assault exists.


    How dare you touch me inappropriately,

    looking me up and down like I’m some piece of meat,

    Invading my personal space, putting your unwanted hands on my body.

    not even processing the thought that hey maybe, just maybe, that might not be okay with me,

    See I’ll never understand how some people feel the need to touch everything they see?

    It’s insane to me.

    You’re a grown person, how do you fail to understand that my body is not public property?

    I’m not here for your pleasure,

    You don’t get to do with me as you please,

    Even if I’m walking around stark naked, drunk out of my mind,

    You still don’t get to touch me.


    And the sad fact is that this type of behaviour,

    happens regularly,

    so much so that most people become desensitised to it,

    It happens so often that it’s become an accepted part of reality.

    You finally build the courage to report the incident, only to see

    That the people in power don’t even take it seriously

    cos apparently,

    sexual assault isn’t seen as much of a priority.

    Are you actually kidding me?


    And if that wasn’t bad enough,

    then comes the victim shaming

    Well it wasn’t really my fault, did you see what she was wearing?

    She had skin showing and a tight skirt on

    let’s be real here, who could really blame him?

    And then the shame sinks in.


    You start to cover up, go quiet,

    Don’t bring attention to yourself cos you don’t wan’t to encourage it.

    Blaming yourself thinking maybe it was my fault,

    maybe I do draw attention to myself,

    Overthink it so much, till the self hate hits.


    Consent is not based on how someone is dressed,

    and no, a maybe does not equal a yes.

    this is basic common sense.

    But I guess with the the way society is going, people tend to expect less.

    which is why it’s so hard for so many people’s to confess

    that they’re a victim of assault.

    society shames them to the point where they start to believe, maybe it is there fault.

    which is terrifying,

    because we’re not talking about the actions of children here, we’re talking about grown adults.


    All I’m asking for is respect and privacy,

    and not to be cat called and groped when I walk down the street,

    to feel safe and in control of my own body,

    and not have to put up with hatred and misogyny,

    I just want to be treated like an actual human being,

    Is that really too much to ask in 2017?


    I shouldn’t have to go to work and feel insecure and ashamed,

    made to feel like how I dressed was the reason to blame.

    that’s not okay,

    If we’re truly going to bring an end to this then the only effective solution is to educate,

    Whether that be in schools, or at home,

    teach your kids the correct way to behave

    and make them understand that this type of behaviour, touching people without consent, is far from okay.

    It’s only with discipline and education will we see these social attitudes change

    and hopefully eradicate.


    Throughout time objectification of our bodies has been normalised

    And it’s time people realise that we are human beings with thoughts and rights,

    We will not put up with this anymore, I will fight to take back what is rightfully mine.

    go out there and be bold, make noise, take up space, we will no longer hide,

    we will take control of our bodies and we’ll own it with pride.

    we will not be shamed or belittled anymore, not now, not tomorrow or any other time.

  • Poet Criticizes Donald Trump's Administr...
    by Poetical Tv on March 15, 2017 at 6:55 AM
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    Spoken word poet Carlos Andrés Gómez is using his poetry to express his frustrations with the Trump administration.

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    Poet Criticizes Donald Trump's Administration Through Spoken Word | NBC News

  • "Ode To Footwork" Short Film (Poem by: K...
    by Poetical Tv on March 2, 2017 at 7:53 AM
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    Buy "A People's History of Chicago" by Kevin Coval at: https://www.haymarketbooks.org/books/...


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    Poem by: Kevin Coval

    Dancer: Litebulb

    Directed by: Alex Myung

    Produced by: Tara Mahadevan

    Special thanks to: Mohammad Masoud, Juan Riesco, and The Era Footwork Crew


    Forever John Walt, 1992-2017

  • DeSaree' Spoken Word: Lady With The Ciga...
    by Poetical Tv on March 2, 2017 at 7:30 AM
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    This is a poem I wrote during the summer of 2016 about a beautiful woman I met who did not see her own beauty. We became friends for only a little while and talked a couple of times about our lives. She told me THIS story, and afterward she went for a smoke. I hope you are touched by it :) (Music from Seven Pounds soundtrack *No Copyright intended)


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    Special thanks to Brian Cajulis and Jessica Kenney for their amazing effort and work to help put this video together! :-D

  • j.ournal - Wanderlust (Spoken Word Video...
    by Poetical Tv on March 2, 2017 at 7:15 AM
    61 Views - 0 Comments

    Connect with me on your fav social media @journalpoems






    Music by Benjamin Sturley


    Roads Unit:

    Cinematography - Greg Arch


    Campfire Unit:

    Cinematography - Chris Fox

    AD - Chad Schollmeyer

    PA - Selvin Ramirez

  • "Belladonna" | Spoken Word | by Tony D |...
    by Poetical Tv on March 2, 2017 at 7:12 AM
    53 Views - 0 Comments

    Poisonous poet, UK rap icon and undefeated battle rap legend Tony D steps onto the poetry stage to tell the story of 'Belladonna'.


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  • Your Life Isn't Over [Spoken Word]
    by Poetical Tv on March 2, 2017 at 7:12 AM
    41 Views - 0 Comments

    "Don't end your story just because this chapter sucks"



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  • HISTORY LIED TO AFRICA!! --- Spoken Word...
    by Poetical Tv on February 28, 2017 at 10:29 AM
    32 Views - 0 Comments

    Gombilla takes you on the journey of history, as he exposes the bitterness colonialism injected into the African, with Ghana as his focus.

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