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♥ OPEN ME ♥ Here is the battle I've been fighting for the past few years. Here is my struggle. At times I've felt like giving into the thoughts and letting the depression win.... but God saved me, he saved me because he has greater plans for me. Depression kills! It is something we need to start talking about. I've stayed silent for too long and I know many will still be caught in their silent battle - with nobody to turn to. But I want to remind you all that no storm lasts forever just as your struggle won't. You may be in a dark place but I promise you that there is a way out. I'm speaking knowing how hard it is to see any light when surrounded by so much darkness. I know the pain and I know that sometimes you will feel like giving up. But I'm telling you that giving up is not an option. Because you are stronger than your depression and the thoughts that tell you your not. You are special and I want you all to not be scared to share your struggle because we all have our own struggle. Some of us just hide it well - pretending our lives our perfect just like I have been doing. But there is so much more strength in showing that you have a struggle and telling someone that your life isn't perfect. We're only human! I pray for a world where people won't just ignore depression but will want to learn more about it and see it as something we can't go our lives ignoring. Depression to me is not a disease or mental issue that can't be solved but something that shows your strength as you continue to go on without giving up. This is why I've been gone from this channel for so long. I've taken a break to work on myself because it was much needed. I've been pretending for so many years now: that I'm okay. But I'm not and now I'm not scared to admit that! If you ever need to speak to someone I'm always here. I'm not here to judge, I'm just here to share my struggle and help you through yours. Damaris FAQ: ♥ Where do you live? United Kingdom ♥ How old are you? 16 ♥ What Camera do you use to film? Canon Powershot SX510 HS ♥ What do you use to Edit? CyberLink PowerDirector11 My Links: ♥ Instagram: http://instagram.com/thefashi0nblogger ♥ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thefashionblogg ♥This Video is Not Sponsored♥

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