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Interview with Kenneth Gear

Posted on June 27, 2013 at 6:50 PM

Poetical Tv''s Exclusive Interview with Poet, Actor & Playwright Kenneth Gear.

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Poetical Tv: Hi Kenneth, can you introduce yourself and tell the world a little bit about yourself?

Kenneth: My name is kenneth gear. I am a poet who happens to hail from Kettering but my poetry work has me in London a lot of the time. I am a proud member of poets platform (Mentored and directed by Kat Francois and Karlos Coleman) at Stratford East theatre and to date have published stories and poems in four different books by united press.

Poetical Tv: When did you start writing poetry?

Kenneth: I have written stories and make believe from the day i could write. The progression into poetry was natural and instinctive, so i have no idea when I properly began writing poetry but i suppose when I started university at eighteen, i wanted to branch out and create my own stories so I purposefully set out to do that.

Poetical Tv: And how passionate would you say you are about poetry?


Kenneth: For me I find a truly beautiful song, story or poem that is euphoric or transforming. I have heard some truly wonderful poets live who have the ability to change you. The hairs on my back stood up and I had that unearthly feeling where all my worries were washed away and I felt like I had been taken out of myself and the poem was being told for me yet in a room filled with people experiencing the same thing as I. For me that is the beauty  & passion of poetry.

I have also worked with a vast variation of people from different backgrounds and it's wonderful seeing how theraputic poetry is.

Poetical Tv: Are there any particular things you like to write about in your poems?

Kenneth: I never write about any one thing in particular. Personally I think poetry should never stay the same.

Poetical Tv: So, what would you say has been the most deepest poem you have written?


Kenneth: I think the personal stories are always the 'deepest' because it's truth and you can't disguise that if you perform live or if something is published. But once something is created for an audience you can't control their emotional response.

Poetical Tv: Very true, so who and what are your biggest inspirations as a poet?


Kenneth: At my spontaneous first ever poetry poetry performance last year, I met Kat Francois and within a couple of months i joined poets platform at Stratford Theatre where she and Karlos Coleman are the mentors. She has soo much knowledge and enthusiasm that is infectious and her and Karlos Coleman have been so encouraging every step of the way.

I think the atipoets at rythmic ranters and cravers are a riot and laugh a second, live.

British artists i like range from Kate Tempest, Holly Mcnish, Inua Ellams, Ghostpoet, Deanna Rodgers, Polarbear, Greeds and Anthony Hett.

I like 'the Strivers Row' group originally from Philadelphia and Justin Reilly and Amy Leon.

Rudyard Kipling, Allen Ginsberg and E.E.Cummings are for me timeless classic writers.

I have also been blessed to work with everyone at poets platform and thInk they are a truly inspirational poets as individuals and as a collective.


Poetical Tv: Can you tell us a little about your new book?

Kenneth: I have written many stories included in books published by united press but i am currently creating my own collection of written poetry for my own book. The stories and poems range from topics about myths, legends, love and ghospel stories and unearthly events. I like trying to write about the unearthly and unimaginable as you can create your own story by setting your imagination loose and it allows the reader to make their own feeling about the story/poem.

Poetical Tv: Good luck with it Kenneth. Last question, how can people connect with you online?


Kenneth: My website is currently under re-construction but i hope it to be live again soon. You can find me on twitter. @Kennethgear


Thank you very much x :)

Poetical Tv: Thank you Kenneth.


(*Interview by @ThePoetSinclair Exclusively for PoeticalTv*)

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