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Interview with Towelintherain

Posted on July 5, 2013 at 6:45 PM

Poetical Tv talks to UK Poet, Towelintherain

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Poetical Tv: Hi Towelintherain. First off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how and when you got into writing poetry?

Towelintherain: I’m just a regular bloke with a day job and too much to do in the evenings and weekends. I’m also a bit of a daydreamer and someone with sporadic tangential tendencies, like the other day when I looked at a chocolate bar wrapper and wondered how many of them it would take to cover the base of the Great Wall of China. I started writing poetry about three years ago. I was always into writing prose as a kid but as I got older my mind started getting ambushed by rhyming pairs, so I rolled with it. Even then I wanted to write song lyrics and form the next big rock band, but I was always writing and never really practicing guitar. After a few unsuccessful bands, I finally worked out that I wanted to be a poet all along!

Poetical Tv: So how would you best describe yourself as a poet?

Towelintherain: I’d say I’m a dry, laconic, rhyming and sometimes political poet who writes about the mundane and every day things in life, sometimes in a surreal way. Being bored on a train, struggling to pay the rent, Beelzebub getting wrecked in a pub, that sort of thing. I write a lot of anti love pieces too, but they’re mainly for the page at the moment. I also get people to set me challenges. If you give me a word I’ll try to write a poem about that word in seven minutes.

Poetical Tv: And what does being a poet mean to you?

Towelintherain: Confidence, sanity, direction, kinship, there are so many things. The best thing about poetry is that you can do it absolutely anywhere and all you need is a pen and the back of an envelope. If I have a bad day at work it relaxes me. If I’m upset I can share my problems. If I’m tired it wakes me up. Then from time to time I create something I’m really happy with and share it, something that people might take solace from or just plain old enjoy. Then when I perform it I’m likely to find other people who appreciate the importance of dashing away from the washing up to scribble down a banal sounding phrase and maybe get a confidence boosting round of applause to boot. Then I find that confidence manifesting itself in other areas of my life. I only started performing a couple of months ago with a group called DIY Poets and the whole thing has quickly turned into one big upward spiral. Being a poet is pretty awesome.

Poetical Tv: What sort of feeling do you personally get from writing Poetry?

Towelintherain: The feeling when I have an idea isn’t really a feeling, but more of a compulsion. When it hits me it completely overpowers me and the endorphin buzz of those moments is something I cherish. I’ve been known to frantically scribble into my phone in the pouring rain and even stop at the side of the motorway to feed it. Although I try not to do that any more, it annoys your passengers. I know these moments won’t keep coming forever, so it’s important to live every bit of every buzz. The feeling when crafting and redrafting a poem is very different. I methodically consider every comma and syllable and the feeling is more a quiet anticipation of satisfaction than an outright joy.

Poetical Tv: And what has been your greatest experience as a poet since you began writing?

Towelintherain:That would be helping to inspire someone back into poetry. After performing at an open mic recently I got chatting to someone who told me they used to write poetry but gave it up because they lost their muse. They’re now digging out their old poems and planning to read at an open mic later this month. To be part of that sort of positive influence on another person feels pretty good.

Poetical Tv: Staying on the matter of performing, where would you love to perform your poetry and why?

Towelintherain: I’d love to perform it with fire spinners, busk on the street with other poets, support bands, go travelling and perform wherever I’m passing through, anything that’s fun and helps raise the profile of poetry in the UK. It’s still very much an underground art form here, certainly compared to many places in the Arabic speaking world, America, Germany etc. It’s amazing how many people develop an interest when they become exposed to it. They’re just not exposed to it.

Poetical Tv: If there was just one of you poems that you were to be remembered for one day, what would it be and why?

Towelintherain: That would be Grilled Shoes. It’s a silly little poem that seems to make people smile and its nice when you help people raise a smile. Did you know that grilled shoes are a bit of a ruse? Well now you do.

Poetical Tv: And if you could achieve anything with the power of your poetic words, what would it be and why?

Towelintherain: I’d like to make a positive difference through my words. If a poem about something helps someone through something, shows someone a path or just makes them feel a bit better about themselves then it’s a success. Poetry has made a hugely positive difference to my own life and I hope that by sharing it I can do the same for many others.

Poetical Tv: And last but not least, how can people get to read some of your poems and connect with you online?

Towelintherain: You can head to my blog at towelintherain.tumblr.com or find me on Twitter at @towelintherain. I’m always happy to talk so please get in touch or send me a seven minute challenge if you want to! Also, big thanks to Poetical TV for the interview!

Poetical Tv: Thank you as well.


(*Interview by @ThePoetSinclair Exclusively for PoeticalTv*)

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