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Interview with En.Riched

Posted on July 5, 2013 at 11:35 AM

Poetical Tv talks to Poet, Author and Musician, En.Riched

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Poetical Tv: Hi En.Riched. First question, how did you get your name En.Riched & what is the meaning behind it?


En.Riched: First, I just want to say thanks for this opportunity and also for giving poets like myself a platform to showcase our talents. Actually, I gave myself the name En.Riched when I got out of the military. I wanted a name that stood for something, something I believe that would express what I was trying to achieve as an artist. Every poet I heard or met had awesome names, so I had to pick a name I thought to be unique and inspirational. So, as En.Riched I aim to enlighten and encourage positive change through all of my artistry. I have actually been working on a poem called, “Why I call myself En.Riched”, it’s been a work in progress for a long time; it’s not quite ready yet. I want to invoke and spark a dialogue about life and events going on in the world.

Poetical Tv: Thank you. So what part of America are you from and how popular is poetry/spoken word where you're from?


En.Riched: I am originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey; currently I live in Houston, Texas. In Houston, poetry is a big thing. They have various open mic areas where you can showcase your talents. It is a beautiful thing, people are open to it an embrace spoken word artist. I have had the pleasure of performing at many different venues and every place has amazing energy, warm crowds and great hosting. The poetic community is amazing, inspiring and helpful. Bambou is a big one ran by se7en the poet, the Red Cat, and Food for Thought also is another hot show.



Poetical Tv: What first got you into writing lyrics (poetry) & at what age did you write your first page of lyrics/poem?


En.Riched: Like many poets, I just felt the need to purge myself. I needed the liberation, there were a lot of things going on around me and I just had to write it down. Originally, I started writing my thoughts down in Middle School and most of my cathartic writing came in the form of a journal. I kept it mostly through the first two years of Middle School. However, I got heavy into sports so I ended up trashing most of my writing. I remember, I wrote a small memoir in Middle School and one of the students found it and suggested I show it to the teacher. The teacher told me, “You’re going to be a great writer one day.” I never paid it any attention, but somehow I came back to writing once I got out of the military. I wrote my first novel when I was 22 and my first poem when I was 23 and been rolling ever since.



Poetical Tv: So who have been your main inspirations not only as a poet but as a person?


En.Riched: I try to gain inspiration from everyone and everything I can. Trying not to focus in on a main inspiration has helped me broaden my artistic perspective, I think. When I hear a poet that I find interesting, I listen to them and try to figure out their process, dissect their style and try to figure out how can I become better without duplicating them. However, I do enjoy poets that tell a story. As my skills in poetry grow, I am slowly learning that poets are indeed storytellers. We can captivate the audience by the power and originality of the stories we tell, as well as the performances we bring to the stage. The opportunity to express your or someone else’s struggle or triumph is an amazing gift and I just feel blessed to be able to do it.



Poetical Tv: Can you tell us a little about some of the spoken word videos you have made & were the inspirations behind them?


En.Riched: Every spoken word I do comes from a story I read, something I noticed throughout the day, or a thought. Recently, I have done “Can I Have a Dollar?” That poem actually came from a guy I drove past everyday on the way home from school. He stood on the same corner just asking for a dollar. I just thought to myself what if he needed a dollar to save somebody’s life, all of these people driving past him and would not stop to give him a dollar; what if it was all he needed to make it through the day. I get inspired by things like that. I also, have a poem called Silver Bells, which takes the concept of the silver bells and metaphorically equate them to bullets and that idea came from all of the murders in Chicago during Christmas time. Whatever poem I do I have tried to have a message behind it, it always has a purpose.



Poetical Tv: Apart from being a poet, what else would you like people to know about you?


En.Riched: Aside from poetry, I graduated in Media Arts and Animation this year, so I create 2D and 3D cartoons for a living. Also, I’ve been playing the keyboard for a few years. Last year, I completed my first fantasy novel entitled 'A Radiant Chance,' which, if I could add a plug here, is available for purchase online at Lulu.com and Amazon.com on eBook and Hardcopy. I have been working on it for about three years and it is finally done. I write movie scripts and short films, which I am in the process of working on my first solo project. So there are a lot of things that En.Riched is doing so just keep an eye out for me and support the movement.



Poetical Tv: If you could collaborate with any spoken word or music artist past or present, who would it be and why?


En.Riched: Man, if I could collab with Common or Mos Def it would be awesome. I feel they could teach me so much about lyrics and word play. I would be a sponge around them. I would ask Mos Def what happened to Def Poetry Jam because I always wanted to be on it. Of course, Gil Scott Herron, I would love to perform with him as well, he was just revolutionary in the poetry world he was brave and direct.



Poetical Tv: And what would you like to achieve & where would you like to be in the next 10 years time in regards to your creative work?


En.Riched: In 10 years, my goal is to have my own production studio established and running well, creating my own stories through a digital medium, along with a great team of people working to bring change to the world. I will have my Masters Degree in Animation. Have multiple best-selling novels and award winning productions. Also, packed out poetry shows, I believe storytelling is my calling, kind of like a Modern Day Prophet. Spread the good news through stories and proclamation. I just want to be able to say I left something behind and say, “Hell yeah, I remember En.Riched, he was one of the greatest!”



Poetical Tv: Kool & good luck, may all your dreams/ambitions come true. Lastly, can you tell us how people can connect with you online?


En.Riched: Man, you can hit me hit on Twitter: at Enriched_EMG.


Instagram: En_Riched


I have a few Facebook accounts: En.Riched, Author Kahim “EnRiched” Sturgis, and EMG Asylum which is my production company name.


Also I have a fanpage on facebook to my Fantasy novel “A Radiant Chance”, which is available for purchase at Lulu.com(hardcopy), Amazon.com(eBook & hardcopy)


To book me for shows email me at [email protected]


And last but not least Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: Enriched4eva


(*Interview by @ThePoetSinclair Exclusively for PoeticalTv*)

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