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Interview with Farida Momtaz

Posted on July 26, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Poetical Tv Interviews Spoken Word Artist, Farida Momtaz.

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Poetical Tv: Hi, Farida. First question, what got you into writing poems and made you become a spoken word artist?

Farida: I have always written poetry. At the age of 15 I had a poem which was picked by Poet Lauret, Roger McGough to be published in an anthology called ‘Future Voices of Middlesex.’ About two years ago I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life. I became tired of speaking to people and began expressing myself solely through my poetry. Performing it, then became the next step and naturally I developed my style of spoken word.

Poetical Tv: What do you love most about writing poetry?

Farida: I love the freedom of expression. With poetry there are no restrictions. It is art in its purest form.

Poetical Tv: Is there any time & place that you most feel & inspired to write?

Farida: All my poems are an expression of my views on the world or my experiences. Therefore I usually feel most inspired to write when there is an issue that I feel strongly about. This can range from a relationship with a friend, partner or family to a social issue that I want to talk about.

Poetical Tv: Are there any poets/spoken word artist’s or any person or people who have most inspired you in regards to your writing & if so what have you found most inspiring about them?

Farida: In relation to spoken word the artist that most inspires me is Sulibreaks. I actually asked him for some advice when I produced ‘Gotta Get Outta the Ghetto.’ I love his content, his delivery and the way that he incorporates the beat into his rhyme.

My biggest influence is Nas, and most of my writing style and expression comes from his work. I grew up listening to him and as far as I am concerned he was and is one of the best poets. I love the way he tells a story and intrigues you and the messages he portrays. My poetry is a fusion of hip hop and spoken word.

Poetical Tv: Do you have a favorite ever poem & if so, what is it & why is it your favorite?

Farida: Not really but if I had to choose it would be, ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling. The message of that poem is beautiful. I have actually written a poem called ‘Believe In me’ which is inspired by this. It has been put out on a mix CD in America.

Poetical Tv: Your poem ‘Gotta Get Outta the Ghetto’ which you have performed & talked about for Poetical Tv, touches on social issues and personal inner conflict. How much would you say that both social issues & inner conflict influence what you write about in your poetry?

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Farida: Immensely! I will not write something which is not my opinion, view or experience. As I said poetry is expression, and my poetry is my expression. I understand that sometimes people don’t agree with me but it is my view. Social issues are a main part of my poetry as I feel that it is my voice to address issues. Inner conflict is displayed continuously throughout my poetry. When I write and perform my poetry I give the audience part of me, so my thoughts and inner conflict become a main theme.

Poetical Tv: How has writing poetry helped you on your journey in life?

Farida: Poetry has kind of been my saving grace. It helps me to express myself.

Poetical Tv: And now let’s talk about the video for your poem ‘Peter Pan,’ what was it like filming a video for it in & around London & what’s the story behind the poem & its very interesting name?

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Farida: Peter Pan was predominantly filmed in Crystal Palace and South London.

Peter Pan is about men that don’t grow up. I have had personal experiences of this and a lot of my friends have also. Again it was influenced by Nas’ second childhood. This is my take on a problem that we have in contemporary society, why it occurs and how it occurs.

Poetical Tv: Now onto your performing. You've performed at a few spoken word/open mic nights across London including Jaja Soze’s first ever ‘Poetry Luv,’ what was it like performing your work on the stage for the first time & what do you like most about performing your poetry on a stage?

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Farida: It was one of the most nerve racking experiences. But I love performing because I feel that it gives the poetry that personal angle. I love having the audience listen and luckily I’ve had very good crowds that have intently listened to every word. I love the reaction to the words and how it touches and relates to people. I feel that I am saying a lot of things in my poetry which others are thinking. At every show that I have done so far I’ve always had members of the audience approach me after and tell me how it has inspired them or touched them. As I began believing in myself more and gaining confidence the performances became easier.

Poetical Tv: What advice would you give to younger Poets about writing and performing?

Farida: I would say do it. Believe in yourself or no one else will. You only live once so do what you want to do!

Poetical Tv: What is your biggest ambition/dream that you want & would love to achieve in the next 10 years with your writing & as a spoken word artist?

Farida: I would love to go global and I would like to go mainstream. I would love for spoken word to be a main genre that people listen to, buy and go and watch rather than niche. I think society has become tired of the same old music and lyrics and they are crying out for change and substance. I would love to be a pioneer of this genre and perform my poetry all over the world.

Poetical Tv: Totally agree with you in regards to scoiety crying out for change. Anyway, what can people expect from Farida Momtaz in the immediate future?

Farida: My debut EP ‘Cracked Concrete’ will be released at the end of this year. The next video that I will be releasing is called ‘Love and Hate’ which should be out in September.

You can expect to see me perform, putting out acapella videos and a lot more.

Poetical Tv: Nice.  Lastly, how can people get the opportunity find out more about you & connect with you online?

Farida: Twitter: @FaridaMomtaz or @Faridasworld

Facebook: Farida Momtaz

Instagram: Faridasworld

Worpress: www.faridablog.wordpress.com

Soundcloud: www. Soundcloud.com/faridamomtaz

Email: [email protected]


Poetical Tv: Thank you Farida.



(*Interview by @ThePoetSinclair Exclusively for PoeticalTv*)

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