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Interview with Open Mike Poet

Posted on August 7, 2013 at 1:15 PM

Poetical Tv Interviews Open Mike Poet.

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Poetical Tv:  Firstly, how did you get your name Open Mike Poet & when did you start writing poetry?


Open Mike: I started writing poetry back in 2007. I remember coming up with the name "Open Mike" and being really proud of myself, my name is Michael so it made sense at the time. However, I have had a few awkward moments at open mic nights.


Poetical Tv: Lol. What does being a poet meant to you?


Open Mike: Art, just being an artist and seeing art in every possible situation. Understanding you have a voice and not abusing it, just thinking out loud.


Poetical Tv: So what would you say is the most interesting experience you have encountered as a poet?


Open Mike: I'd say writing poetry out of thin air. Like, having nothing one moment and a little while later having a piece of art that will last forever. And more importantly, having no control of the process.


Poetical Tv: Who have been your biggest influences on a creative level?


Open Mike: A poet called Rives which my poem "Reeves" is kinda paying homage to (I sorta took my style from him). Verb Swish, Floetic Lara, Sara Kay and loads of Def Poetry Jam writers.


Poetical Tv: How would you describe your own style of poetry?


Open Mike: I'd say transparent


Poetical Tv: What sort of poetry do you most relate to and why?


Open Mike: I relate to people who are willing to pour their soul out on stage for the sake of a message. Some poets get on stage and treat the audience like their own personal therapist when it shouldn't be that way. To be a poet is to be a therapist, even if all we do is simply remind people that they aren't alone.


Poetical Tv: And what are your thoughts on the UK Poetry/Spoken Word scene?


Open Mike: It's good at the moment, it's a lot bigger than when I started. I guess we have YouTube to thank for that.


Poetical Tv: What’s the biggest ambition you have when it comes to your poetry?


Open Mike: To look back at my collection one day and be satisfied with what I created.


Poetical Tv: Nice. Last questions though Mike, how can people interact with you online?


Open Mike: Twitter lol, I've gone through many phases on that site. But I think I've found my lane now. I've got a blog called www.openmikeonline.tumblr.com and a video out. Hopefully there will be more to come.


Poetical Tv: Thank you very much Mike.



(*Interview by @ThePoetSinclair Exclusively for PoeticalTv*)

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