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Interview with Golden Blue

Posted on September 14, 2013 at 8:10 AM




Poet, Singer & Songwriter, Golden Blue talks to Poetical Tv.






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Poetical Tv: What first got you into writing poetry?




Golden Blue: My Mother is a poet, she was performing on stage whilst I grew in her belly, and my Father a renowned Afrobeat musician. Creative expression has always been part of my life so I wrote poetry in the way people wrote diaries, from an early age.






Poetical Tv: How has writing poetry influenced your life since you began writing?




Golden Blue: It has made been look at how I perceive things and how it may differ from the next person, poetry expands our ability to understand each other, another layer of insight. Words may come to me watching someone on a bus or walking to the shop, so it’s enhanced the trivial elements of life and giving me another way to express myself.






Poetical Tv: How would you describe yourself as a poet?




Golden Blue: Um, I always find that quite difficult. I wouldn’t say I’m any kind of poet; I’m just me, doing poetry. I speak form the heart.






Poetical Tv: Who have been your biggest inspirations on a creative level?




Golden Blue: That’s a hard question; I have many inspirations for a number of different things. My parents for being completly true to themselves and showing me how to be creative, my extending festival family for giving me a free environment in which to create and grow, Legends like Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou , poets on the scene now. The list is endless.






Poetical Tv: And how would you say they have influence you creatively?




Golden Blue: They make me want to develop my skills and improve whether it’s lyrically, in projecting my voice, in observing things in a certain way. There are so many ways to approach creativity and it’s a joy to be inspired but so many different kinds of expression.






Poetical Tv: What most gets you inspired to write some new poetry?




Golden Blue: The endless stream of words in my head, the frustration in not having an off switch to my brain, lol. I write when there’s no more space to contain things, it’s a release.






Poetical Tv: Can you remember what the last poem you wrote was about & what inspired it?


Golden Blue: The last was a poem about brother s in the community, a dedication to the blessed guys out there as we often here only negatives stuff about men. I was at home tidying up and listening to some music by some friends of mine, thinking how these guys serve as true role models and deserve some recognition.


Poetical Tv: And if you could achieve absolutely anything as a poet, what would it be?


Golden Blue: I think it would be to conquer my nerves and withhold nothing when expressing, oh and to remember them all of paper! lool.


Poetical Tv: Lastly Golden Blue, if people would like to interact with you online or find out more about you, how can they do so?


Golden Blue: They can follow me @goldencoat on Twitter, Goldenbluenotepaper on wordpress or facebook.com/Goldnblue






Poetical Tv: Thank you very much for the interview Golden Blue.




(*Interview by @ThePoetSinclair Exclusively for PoeticalTv*)


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