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Interview with Adam Broome

Posted on July 19, 2013 at 8:50 AM

Poetical Tv talks to Adam Broome aka 'Part-Time Poet.' 

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Poetical Tv:  Hi Adam, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your alter ego 'Part time Poet'?


Adam: Hi there!

Well, I was born in Nottingham in 1990. I wrote my first poem about my Nintendo 64 when I was at junior school. I didn’t write much poetry at all after that until I started university – and even then, I did it just because I was bored! I did a few poetry films for my course and got positive feedback from lecturers, so I decided to follow it up post-graduation.

I always intended to have some form of ‘alter-ego’ to perform as. I originally liked the name ‘Steam-Punk Poet’, but after I’d penned a few poems with the Mouthy Poets, I realized that the title just didn’t suit my writing. As I was unemployed at the time – presto! The ‘Part Time Poet’ was born!


Poetical Tv: And could you tell us a little bit more about your history of performing on the stage as well as your connection to the Nottingham based 'Mouthy Poets'? 


Adam: I was always big on drama and acting as a kid. I was in every Christmas play up until around Year 9, when I forgot my lines on stage in front of about five hundred people! It wasn’t until performance poetry that I regained my confidence to perform on stage again.

After toying with poetry at university, I joined the Mouthy Poets in the wake of recession-era Britain (let’s just say I had plenty of spare time on my hands!) I decided to use my time constructively by building my confidence, and keeping my creativity flowing in a way that didn’t cost much money, and that seemed practical for the situation I was in at the time.

I still consider myself a Mouthy Poet, because without them, I would never have regained my stage presence or my voice!


Poetical Tv: So what would you consider to be the most interesting thing about the poetry you write?


Adam: I’d say the variety. Each poem I write has usually been inspired by a poet who’s gone before me. John Cooper-Clarke inspired one, Kate Tempest inspired one… usually I read or hear a poem that really connects with me, and then I try to draw inspiration from that for my own work. However, in some cases, I deliberately write a ‘homage’ to the original poet, usually by putting my own twist on a theme or topic that they themselves would tend to write about.


Poetical Tv: And in your opinion, what is the best thing about Poetry? 


Adam: Building confidence, hands down. I’m thankful that I joined the Mouthy Poets when I did – it was, ironically, great timing! Poetry is accessible to all, and includes a wide variety of performance styles, so everyone can find their own voice through spoken word.

I can also feel a little out of place in society sometimes, so when I’m up on stage in my ‘poetical persona’, singled out from the crowd, it’s almost like I’ve found a place to belong. So yes – it’s a great profession for the fellow eccentrics out there!


Poetical Tv: If you were to write your next poem for anyone in the world who would it be for and why would you write it for/to them?


Adam: I don’t tend to write poems for people or individuals, as I always try to reach a wide audience with my works, and I feel writing for specific persons limits their appeal.

The only poem I’ve ever written to anyone was to a friend of mine. It was one of the first ones to ever go live on my Soundcloud account, and one of the sacred few ‘serious’ poems I’ve ever penned. This friend asked me to write a poem for her on her 21st birthday, and I sent her a joke one. I thought I was being funny, but in retrospect it was a bogus move on my part. I wrote her the serious one as way of an apology (and also explained a few things about my state of mind at the time that she might not have known about!).


PoetIcal Tv: If you didn't write poetry, what other creative outlet do you think you would use to express yourself?


Adam: Well, I am a film-maker by profession, but if we were to rule both of those out completely, I’d say… expressive dance? (laughs)

No, a painter! I’ve never been able to draw or paint accurately, and I’d love to be able to draw like some of my ‘animation friends’ do!


Poetical Tv: And in regards to other poets, what upcoming or established ones would you personally recommend to others & why?


Adam: That’s a hard question – everyone has their own tastes! The Mouthy Poets are a large group, so they’re good for variety in performance styles. But endorsements aside, all I could suggest would be the two best poetry performances I’ve seen yet; one was Mark Grist at Nottingham’s Black-Drop, where he told his life story of how he himself got into poetry (and battle rapping!) The other was Niall O’Sullivan, who delivered a sneak preview of his show ‘Now Is Not The Time For Politics’ to the Mouthy Poets earlier this year. I think it’s about to be performed properly next month in Camden actually.


Poetical Tv: Who is your favorite ever poet or do you not have one?


Adam: I don’t really – but for argument’s sake, a poet I connect with on a deep level is Dorothy Parker. I discovered her simply by surfing the ‘net one evening. I just love her use of words – despite the difference in eras, for some reason it just connects! She expresses her emotions beautifully as well as tragically. Hauntingly readable.


Poetical Tv: It's always interesting to find out about a poet's favourite other poet. Last question though, how can people find out more about you Adam & connect with you online?


Adam: I’m on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud. I post up when I do anything major, so it’s a great way to find out when and where the best gigs are to find me.

I’m also just about to re-upload some improved versions of my poems onto Soundcloud, with lots of previously un-heard works, so it will be great to see how people respond to them!








Poetical Tv: Thank you very much Adam, it has been a pleasure talking with you.


(*Interview by @ThePoetSinclair Exclusively for PoeticalTv*)

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