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Life is one big learning process,

We all want to figure out new parts of ourselves

we all have these innate passions and desires

but sometimes to discover them, we need a little help


We should all strive to be the best version of ourselves we could possibly be.

Especially at a time where we have access to limitless possibilities.

You have two choices in this life,

You can either fit in, or you can become the person you choose to be.

No one is born perfect.

No one starts out great.

You are the person you choose to be in this life,

You are the person you choose to create.


Work hard to become someone you’re proud of,

I know at first it may feel daunting, like there’s a long way to go,

But it can also be exciting, you get to watch yourself change, progress and grow.

In to who? who knows? Only time will show.


So many people make the mistake of growing up believing they don’t have interests or hobbies

that there’s nothing they’re passionate about

when the truth is most people don’t ever try new things, they don’t take the time to find out.

Growing up I had no interest in poetry and now it’s what I do,

My point is if you don’t give something a chance, you won’t have a clue.

Pick up a skill and try something today, you might discover something about yourself you never even knew.


We are all capable of great things,

Once you unlock your potential you’ll no longer feel the same,

you’ll start growing in confidence, you’ll be running in a different lane.

why would you ever want to limit yourself, why would you ever stop, when you have so much to gain?


Develop skills like how to film movies or learn how to dance,

Don’t know anything about animation, why not give it a chance?

Write incredible stories or learn how to sing,

Life is just too short to ever stick to one thing,

Take every opportunity to work on yourself

and create a life that’s unique and interesting.


There’s always room for personal growth

and we start by understanding ourselves.

Learning to treat our body right and working on our health.

Start training your body as well as your mind,

you need to work on both to get the best out of life.


Don’t spend your whole life waiting for a day where you’ll have it all figured out.

Take the initiative to create it.

We all have potential within us screaming to be let out.

But it takes hard work and commitment to make it.

Take the first step to working on yourself.

And watch as your confidence grows,

When a person focuses on themselves and their worth,

that’s when their true strength shows.

Posted by Poetical Tv on October 10, 2017 at 3:19 PM 259 Views

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